Music Box Oxford

Our series of concerts designed with children in mind.

Our aim is to give children and young people the chance to listen to excellent musicians play a range of beautiful music in a beautiful space.

We have noticed that many children rarely listen to music as a primary activity; the music they do listen to is generally limited in its variety, and it is often a solitary experience, on in the background whilst doing something else.

Few children ever go to concerts, and thus miss out on the chance to hear great music, to see excellent performers, to appreciate the energy, excitement and atmosphere of a live performance, and to experience all this within a community. What’s more, we have the added bonus of tea and cake at the end of a concert!

We want to be quite deliberate about making sure we present a broad range of instrumentalists, of music across the centuries, of variety of types of music including classical, jazz and folk, as well as music from different cultures.

We want the length of concert and the variety of music played to be appropriate for children: we have all had the trying experience of managing a wriggling, restless child!

Concerts will take place once a term.