"Putting Musicianship
into Practice."

Promoting excellence in music education.

Music Box Oxford is the new name for the music school run for the last ten years as BirdSong Music by Noel Rainbird.
Music Box broadens the range of exciting musical opportunities. It is designed to appeal to toddlers and to teenagers. It provides a comprehensive music education.


Everybody who teaches at Music Box Oxford is an experienced and practising musician.
We love being involved in music and passing on our enthusiasm. We want to inspire young children to learn about music and to help them to develop as confident, competent musicians. Above all, we hope to instil a life-long, enjoyable involvement with music of all kinds.

Please read our profiles on the Teachers’ page to find out more about us.


Our family concerts, Sound Box, take place once a term. Our aim is to give children and young people the chance to listen to excellent musicians play a range of beautiful music in a beautiful space. Come and join us: everyone is welcome!

Please see our Facebook page for the latest information including venue, cost and dates.


Music Box Oxford


"Creative, enjoyable and engaging teaching that gives
children a genuine understanding of musical ideas like pitch,
dynamics, rhythm and expression. We (the parents) also like
the funny songs that they come home singing.”


Musicianship Classes

Music Box Oxford

Rattle Box is the programme for babies and toddlers taught by Noel Rainbird on Fridays in Summertown.

Music Box Oxford

Tinder Box contains the musicianship classes taught by Noel Rainbird, Emma Lowe and Nancy Gladstone in Levels 1 – 4 on Saturdays at Cutteslowe Primary School, with an additional Level 1 class, taught by Noel Rainbird, on Friday mornings in Summertown.


Music Box Oxford

Vox Box is a choir for girls and boys aged 6+. No auditions necessary, everybody is welcome!' Vox Box is directed by Sue Glaisher and Val Whitlock.


Instrumental Groups

Music Box Oxford

Wind Box provides recorder lessons for groups of 8 - 10 children, again in KS2. Recorder lessons are taught by Noel Rainbird.

Music Box Oxford

We offer a mixture of 1:1 or shared violin lessons for 2 or 3 pupils together for children from about the age of 6 years old. Lessons are taught by Grace Lane.

Music Box Oxford

Our new group for tuned percussion instruments. The group will improvise, create and perform simple pieces, and develop a basic understanding of chords and of working in parts. Rhythm Box is taught by Sue Glaisher.

Music Box Oxford

Boom Box: Our orchestra! We want to give our various ensembles the opportunity to play together. We aim to have concerts once a term where we can enjoy the fruits of the children's hard work.


Family Concerts

Music Box Oxford

Sound Box: Concerts for children featuring a broad range of music, musicians and instruments.

Piano Lessons

Music Box Oxford

Piano Box: Individual piano lessons taught by Noel Rainbird

Family Drumming

Music Box Oxford

Beat Box: Druming classes for children and parents to make music together. In this class we will explore a variety of rhythms from the West African Djembe tradition. Beat Box is taught by Tobias Sturmer.