"Putting Musicianship
into Practice."

Instrumental Groups

Music Box Oxford

Group recorder lessons

The recorder has a long-standing tradition as an ideal instrument to introduce children to the basic techniques of playing a wind instrument.
It is portable, affordable, and relatively easy to play with a good tone. It introduces young players to the techniques of playing a wind instrument: basic breathing technique, tonguing and finger coordination. In addition, it is an excellent instrument to introduce children to the art and techniques of playing in an ensemble.

Wind Box offers children aged 6+, the opportunity to learn the recorder in groups of 8 - 10. Wind Box recorder class is taught by Noel Rainbird.
It runs on Saturday mornings at 09.30 – 10.15 at Cutteslowe Primary School in Wren Road.



Music Box Oxford

Violin lessons

The violin is one of the most widely recognised musical instruments, with a wealth of repertoire in many different styles. Whilst there is no ideal age to start, it is generally accepted that children benefit from starting young.

We offer a mixture of 1:1 or shared violin lessons for 2 or 3 pupils together for children from about 6 years old. We will occasionally teach 5 year olds, but this will be decided on an individual basis having determined the child’s co-ordination and general readiness for the instrument

String Box violin lessons are taught by Grace Lane
They run on Saturday mornings from 9am at Cutteslowe Primary School in Wren Road.

Grace teaches using the Colourstrings approach which she discovered whilst living in Canada Colourstrings is a world-renowned, Kodaly based, child-centred approach to instrumental teaching that has been taught for over forty years in Finland, the UK, Canada, South Africa and other countries.

For more information on Colourstrings and its approach, please consult www.colourstrings.fi

Music Box Oxford

Rhythm Box is the name of our new group using tuned percussion. It is aimed at children who have just finished Level 4, members of the choir who would like to play in an instrumental ensemble, older children wanting to join Music Box, and anybody else aged about 6+ who thinks it sounds exciting.

We will be working to play and compose simple rhythmic pieces using tuned percussion instruments such as xylophones, bass, alto and chime bars, as well as untuned percussion to provide colour and a variety of different sounds. The idea of the group will be to improve rhythmic skills, in terms of playing, reading from the stave and writing our own. We will improvise, create and perform simple pieces, and develop a basic understanding of chords and of working in parts.

Rhythm Box is taught by Sue Glaisher.
It runs on Saturday mornings at 09.30 – 10.15 at Cutteslowe Primary School in Wren Road.


Music Box Oxford

Our orchestra! We want to give our various ensembles the opportunity to play together.

We aim to have concerts throughout the year where we can enjoy the fruits of the children's hard work. We welcome siblings and parents who also play to join our band on these occasions: music making within families is central to our beliefs.