What People Say About Music Box.

You may be interested to read some of the comments below. These have been written by parents who have brought their children to classes.

"Our son started music classes with Noel when he was 18 months old. He loved the rhythmical songs and games that were perfectly pitched to engage such young children. As he grew older he continued to look forward to his weekly music sessions, where he was introduced to pitch, rhythm and the idea of notation in a fun and nurturing environment. He finished the programme this summer aged six and a half and we are amazed at what he and his friends have achieved with Noel. Not only does he have confidence and skills that will help him to play an instrument, but he has a fundamental love and understanding of music. He is now learning the guitar with great enthusiasm and gains a huge amount of pleasure experimenting on the piano. Noel has given him a grounding that will give him enjoyment for the rest of his life and we cannot recommend her highly enough!" Charlotte and Adam

"Noel and Emma's classes are an utterly fantastic way to introduce children to the language of music. Both our children have loved the classes and our elder child, having completed the whole course, has now moved on to learning two musical instruments. The classes laid an excellent foundation for this - he really understands music and he really enjoys playing it!" Liz

"Noel's classes are fun, imaginative and engaging. The children benefit from her infectious enthusiasm and breadth of musical knowledge." Esther

"Creative, enjoyable and engaging teaching that gives children a genuine understanding of musical ideas like pitch, dynamics, rhythm and expression. We (the parents) also like the funny songs that they come home singing." Jane

"Music Box has been the perfect start to our weekends for the last 3 years. Our daughter and son (now 4 and 6 respectively) have learned to love and understand music. What we have found remarkable is the manner in which children (even those without musically gifted parents!) effortlessly grasp the notions of rhythm and pitch. All this whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves in a group atmosphere that simultaneously caters for individual needs in a sensitive, gentle fashion. Oh, and there is the added social and gastronomic side-benefit of the friendly chit-chat with other parents over coffee and delicious home-made cakes whilst the children are busy having fun and learning! We highly recommend it, as much for the personal touch and enthusiasm Noel brings to BirdSong, as for the quality and impact of her teaching!" Ranjita and Philipp