Music Box Oxford

Music Box: Putting Musicianship into Practice.

Music Box Oxford is a collective of teachers inspiring, encouraging and enabling children of all ages to have fun learning about music.

We start off with Rattle Box and Tinder Box. These are classes in general musicianship which give children the skills, confidence and understanding to become competent and happy practical musicians.

After completing the 4 levels of Tinder Box, there are 2 options to continue with us:

Vox Box is our choir for children aged 6-12.

Beat Box is our African drumming class where we encourage children and parents to come along together to make music as a family.

Both groups incorporate musicianship skills on a regular basis, as well as opportunities to perform in concerts about twice a year. We encourage parents to join in with the choir, usually rehearsing 2 or 3 weeks before a performance.

Also featuring in these concerts is Boom Box, our family orchestra. The orchestra is open to all and any of the Music Box community who would like to play.

The Benefits:

Making music is, primarily, a social experience. Our approach aims to promote confidence and competence in each child, combined with the ability to listen and co-operate with others.

Equally important is the notion of experimentation, of flexibility, and of having a go.

The children have genuine freedom of expression, and we help to develop their capacity to communicate ideas and to present these to others.

Music Box Oxford
Music Box Oxford
Music Box Oxford