Music Box Oxford
Music Box Oxford

Piano Lessons taught by Noel Rainbird

I have been teaching the piano for over 30 years and have a piano teaching diploma from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I am currently a piano teacher at Oxford High School and teach private pupils at home.

I am a member of the European Piano Teachers Association and am a graduate of its Piano Teachers Course, the UK’s leading professional development course for piano teachers.

CPT members logoI am also a member of The Curious Piano Teachers, an online and on-going professional development group.

My aims are:

  • to make learning the piano a musical experience
  • to establish musical concepts and general musicianship skills
  • to develop pianistic skills
  • to create a positive environment in which to learn

I enjoy teaching all ages and stages. I particularly enjoy teaching adults. Beginners and those returning to the piano are equally welcome!

Where: I teach from my home in Wolvercote.

When: 3.30 – 6.30 on Mondays – Thursdays, and earlier in the day by arrangement.

Cost: As of September 2017 my hourly rate is £42

Teacher: Noel Rainbird


I am also a professional bassoon player with many years’ experience teaching and playing modern, baroque and classical bassoons in orchestras in the UK and abroad. I have a bassoon teaching diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and am currently the bassoon teacher at Oxford High School. If you are interested in individual bassoon lessons, please get in touch with me at

'Noel succeeds because her considerable experience is never simply employed to occupy our kids' time. Instead Noel has a clear and practical philosophy towards a child's musical development. It is based on a sensibly staged acquisition of skills, a journey that is always grounded in her hugely encouraging idiom, and it is a process that allows each individual the room to flourish independently. Noel marries a clear vision over how musical skills develop with an considerable ability to see each child as an individual. This combination, in our opinion, of vision, of structure and of empathy is incredibly rare in the vast majority of teachers that most children meet.'

'My 10 year old daughter has been learning music with Noel since she three. She started with group music lessons, progressed to small group piano lessons and, for the last couple of years, has had individual piano lessons. I love the fact that Noel has given her such a sound and broad musical foundation, from which she can go in whichever direction she chooses in the future. Noel has enabled her to play the piano with confidence and musicality. She has always loved her lessons. Noel is able to cover a lot in a half hour lesson as well as make it fun. Noel has gone out of her way to adapt the way she teaches my daughter in order to fit her personality and style of learning. She is an incredibly dedicated teacher.'