Music Box Oxford
Music Box Oxford

Music classes for babies and toddlers.

Music Box Oxford

This is where it all begins! These classes lay the foundations for enjoying and sharing music, singing with confidence, moving to music and using simple instruments. They work well for children between the ages of about 4 months - rising 3.

Much of the progression in this age group comes with the child's natural development.

As they become more vocal, co-ordinated and competent, they are able to join in more and begin to share their ideas. Many put in requests to sing a song faster or slower, louder or softer, or to use a different voice. They know that a song can sound and feel very different depending on how we choose to sing it.

If there is space in the class, children may join at any age and at any point in the year.

Music Box Oxford

Where: North Oxford Community Centre in Summertown

When: 9.45 - 10.30 on Friday mornings

Cost: £7.50 per class, paid termly in advance (3-week trial available costing £22.50)

Teacher: Kate Goldsmith and Hannah Rhodes


You are welcome to come and see what we do before committing to the term. We ask that you try 3 classes which gives time for a few faces to begin to become familiar, and for you to have a better idea of the shape of the class. This will cost the equivalent of 3 class fees.

If you are happy to continue, we will then ask you to commit to coming once a week for a term at a time, and to pay the remainder of the fees owing in advance.

'My children and I have hugely enjoyed attending Noel’s Rattle Box classes for several years. As a musician myself, I’m rather picky when it comes to music teachers but I couldn’t rate Noel more highly. Rather than pressing play on a machine and over-stimulating children with loud, tacky tunes, Noel educates and calms with time-honoured nursery rhymes and high expectations of a child’s natural response to music. Everyone wins - parents and children alike.'

'Noel is an inspiring teacher. When I observed a lesson with my normally fidgety two year old he was transfixed for the entire lesson. He has loved her lessons ever since. I am also a professional musician and know how lucky we are to have Noel, who is a talented and experienced musician. What drew me to her methods was that I have taught children the piano who have been through her course, and found that they have an exceptionally high understanding of music which helps them to progress very quickly when starting to learn an instrument. I would thoroughly recommend Music Box to anybody wanting to encourage a love and understanding of music in their child.'